11+ Extensive Summer Revision Courses And Mock Exams

Our 11 plus intensive revision courses are designed to help Year 5 students with the final stages of preparation for the 11 Plus exams. This 11 Plus course is an ideal opportunity to revise and boost understanding of all the major topics, fill gaps in knowledge, identify strengths and weaknesses, to focus on areas requiring improvement and consolidate knowledge in a structured way. Problem areas will be identified and taught through extensive use of practice and past papers. Throughout the course there will be particular emphasis on exam techniques and practice of time management.
The highly competitive 11 Plus exams require above average knowledge in English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. All Grammar Schools follow different formats and combination of these four subjects. Our courses are carefully structured to cover everything a student needs to know for the 11 plus exams. Good preparation can substantially improve your chances of getting into the school of your choice.
The sessions will be interactive and presented by our experienced in-house teachers who engage with the students to deliver in a fun, inspiring and motivational leaning environment. This is an ideal way to encourage your child to remain motivated and help to boost performance and build confidence in the lead up to the summer mocks and the real exams.

The following topics will be addressed:
· Question Styles – What are the different question styles and strategies for answering each style?
· Exam Tips – How to avoid silly errors and tackle questions under time pressure.
· Motivation and Confidence Building – How to remain motivated up until the exam.
· Preparation – What topics should children focus in the lead up to the exams?
· Effective Learning – What are the most effective methods for revision?


11-plus subjects covered: Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning
Dates: July 23rd – 11th August
Time: 10.00am to 1pm (Mon-Fir)
Location: Nightingale Academy, 34 Turin Road, Edmonton, London N9 8QD

1 hour and 15minutes Maths
This session will look at the typical questions which arise on 11-plus maths papers. Your child will be given the opportunity to tackle multi-step problems and discuss different ways to approach these problems, ensuring your child knows how to best answer them to gain full marks. Whilst students are working independently tutors will give individual support.
Break Time: 15mins
During the break the children will have time to relax and have a snack. Alternatively they can sit with a course tutor and ask for help on any of the subjects they found tricky in the session.
1 hour and 30 minutes English/Verbal Reasoning
During the course we will look at:
• Comprehension techniques

• Answering long and short questions.

• How to maximise marks and increase speed


•How to plan and structure a piece of writing (writing to a picture, essay title and story continuation)

•Writing to describe in relation to a character or place

•How to vary sentences for effect

Verbal Reasoning: This will be mainly led by the children. They will bring in questions that they have found tricky in the past and we will give techniques for answering them.

Feedback: The children will be continually assessed during the course. Each day they will go home with work that has been marked in the session, so weaknesses can be identified and worked on. At the end of the course each parent will receive an email with the highest marks and average marks for each paper the children sat during the sessions.

Homework: There will be a Maths, verbal reasoning, comprehension or written piece set each day, to be returned the next day for marking.

Group size: There will be no more than 12 children in a group. This allows time for all children to receive individual support when needed. In addition to the course tutor there will be a second tutor to provide additional one-to-one support.

Course Fee

11+: £750 for the entire 3weeks (15days at £16/hr) or £60 per day, if booked individually. Priority is given to block bookings. The course fee is payable in full at the time of the booking.

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