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‘A Little about us’

At The Total Child, apart from our total commitment to academic excellence, we believe in going beyond the basic rudiments of learning to inculcating in our students the value adding skills of discipline, team-work and a strong desire for continuous improvement. We consistently aim to produce ‘A TOTAL CHILD’.

To this end we at THE TOTAL CHILD TUITION are committed to improving performance, building confidence, relieving anxiety and realising your child’s highest potential, and ultimately giving you a TOTAL CHILD. We do not in any way intend to be academically selective. The aim is to provide an environment that compliments the school system while putting in place a program that boosts student achievement. This can only be achieved when tutors build personal bonds with students, press them to excel and tailor extra help according to each child’s individual need.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Many children struggle in school; teachers are often overloaded with students and high administrative demands and therefore cannot spend much time helping each individual child. Since we all want our children to succeed, we need to ensure that they are stimulated enough to be at their best.

But you know as well as I do that our current education system which adopts the Social Promotion strategy has failed our kids. This strategy, like you know, allows students to move through school with their age group without compulsorily meeting the academic requirements for promotion. This practice makes it almost impossible for a very high percentage of students to reach the top priority goal of academic competence, proving detrimental to our kids academically, socially and psychologically. We must emphasize here that academic exercise ought not to be a struggle, but a way of life, and ultimately one that proves invigorating, challenging and fulfilling.

Why private tuition?

The classroom is demanding. This explains why some pupils miss fundamentals or concepts and drop behind others. It is hard to catch up when classmates are competing for the attention of the teacher. A good tutoring program offers personal attention and a caring environment that fosters instruction, correction, inspiration and motivation. It connects positively with the pupil and engages him in the management of his own learning. With effective tutoring, children will be able to demonstrate to themselves that they are as capable as their classmates of learning new skills.

A good tutoring program will help pupils at all levels of academic accomplishment. Well developed study habits and organizational skills will result in significantly improved schoolwork and, most important, will become the foundation for future learning.

At The Total Child, our goal is to bring each pupil up to the desired level as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this, each pupil receives individualized instruction from our staff of professional teachers. We work to reduce stress and build confidence by starting each pupil at a level that he or she can handle and then progressing through the next levels as rapidly as they can.

We are committed to helping pupils succeed in their education. We specialize in reading, maths (from the basics), writing, study skills and entrance examination preparation providing qualified instructors who are committed to ensuring your child succeeds.

Who needs this program?

THE TOTAL CHILD TUITION targets children with a broad range of abilities and background, ranging from those with very mild learning challenges to the gifted scholarship candidate.

Some parents use private tuition as a year round supplement to their child’s education. For others, just a few sessions may be required as a top-up and confidence builder prior to an exam. Most parents and students would like to see private tuition as a quick fix, however in reality, that is not always the case.

How the program works

A Skill Assessment both from parents and teachers present a picture of the academic strengths and weaknesses of your child. It discovers the causes of academic frustration and pinpoints the specific skill areas in which your child is experiencing difficulty. These skill gaps are what lead to academic underachievement causing children “falling behind” in school. The Total Child programs aims to tackle identified skill gaps through:

Utilizing the most advanced curriculum, tutoring within a positive atmosphere which results in more learning per hour.

Maintaining low pupil to tutor ratios, so every student receives a wealth of one-to-one individualized instruction.

Our Progress in Last
2 Years

Admission to top choice school 85%
Increase in Popularity 70%