11+ Course topics


Creative Writing techniques: 

  • How to plan and structure a piece of writing
  • Writing to explain or describe in relation to a character or place
  • Starting sentences in different ways
  • Writing to persuade, argue or advise
  • Writing letters, blogs, magazine articles or a report

Comprehension techniques:

  • Long and short answers
  • How to support answers using short quotations

Writing correctly:

  • Common spelling errors – homophones, word endings…
  • Common grammar errors
  • Punctuation – basic and advanced
  • Vocabulary

Additional topics may be added to the following list:

Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Basic algebra and equations, Simultaneous equations; working with fractions, negative numbers, ratios and proportional reasoning; decimals, factors and multiples, percentages, sequences, special numbers and number patterns; shapes and symmetry; area and perimeter, working out angles, measurement, 2D and 3D shapes; volume and capacity; reflection, rotation and translation; Reading scales and unit conversion; Data handling, graphs, probability, percentages and square numbers. Median, mean and range; telling the time and related problem solving.


Verbal reasoning:

Covers a mixture of English and Maths logic questions. For example, letter and number sequences; Substituting letters and numbers; Compound words; Number and letter patterns; Missing letters from a word; words between words, forming new words, swapping words to make the sentence make sense and word problems.

Non-verbal reasoning:
 Covers a mixture of non-language based logic questions using patterns, shapes, pictures and symbols; identifying similarities in a set by finding the odd one out or one that belongs to a set; Identifying sequences by finding the next one in a sequence or confirming the repetition of a pattern. Finding the link between a pair of objects and applying that link to make a second pair of objects.

These are 2 hourly lessons offered in groups of 6 to students of same- ability. Each session covers Maths, English, Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning.

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