Summer Revision Classes and Mock Sessions

These are 3-week intensive classes offered in July/August leading up to the 11+ exams. The purpose is to help the students understand and master the different techniques   and appreciate the depth of knowledge required for the exam. The programme’s main focus is on mastering exam techniques, time management, problem solving and building confidence. Students will also be working in a very challenging environment and will be taught and tested thoroughly to ensure that they are fully prepared for the exams. The contents of the programme will also include teaching the difficult topics such as

  •  Simultaneous Equations.
  • Algebra.
  • Proportional Reasoning.
  • Problem solving as well as show students how to write effectively and efficiently when completing written.
  • comprehension and creative writing pieces.

The pace of the programme will be fast but with some fun elements and students will be tested thoroughly under exam conditions.  Problems will be turned on their heads to help your child gain an extra advantage over other exam candidates. Students will have the opportunity to revisit the difficult Maths topics out of the 36 topics required to know for the exams. New English material will be used to challenge students further during the three week period.  There will also be an opportunity for parents to use some of the extra resources to help support their child at home.

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