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Our mission is to foster a nurturing, stimulating and engaging learning environment that encourages students to explore, learn and succeed through a collaborative learning style that promotes academic, social, emotional and problem-solving skills

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At The Total Child, our goal is to bring each pupil up to the desired level as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this, each pupil receives individualized instruction from our staff of professional teachers. We work to reduce stress and build confidence by starting each pupil at a level that he or she can handle and then progressing through the next levels as rapidly as they can.

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Our  lead consultant, Ikay Ajoku,  prides herself in being a mother of three wonderful children who have taught her that in every child lies a seed of greatness. She has an in-depth knowledge of the 11plus curriculum and over 13 years track record of successful tutoring experience.

 A corporate member of The Tutors’ Association, Ikay holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Chemistry, Post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management, an MBA in Management, an MSc in Information Systems and Technology and currently studying for a PGCE in secondary Mathematics.  Her insatiable drive for learning has been the motivation behind ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to excel; a passion shared by her team of highly experienced teachers.

Ikay Ajoku

Clients Say


In preparation for my GCSE Mathematics exams, I signed up for Ikay’s private tuition classes. I had less than a full academic year until my exams when I started these lessons and was a low B student. Regardless of this, she not only took me in but also opened my mind to the possibility that I could achieve an A/A* in my GCSE’s. She was able to continuously deliver technical information in a clear and concise manner whilst also making sure that the foundation of my understanding was strong enough to enable me to not only solve the problem in question but also more complex ones.
I believe what makes Ikay’s a phenomenal teacher is her ability to give her students the courage to believe in their capabilities whilst simultaneously equipping them with the knowledge they need to reach their full potential. After tutoring with Ikay, I was able to achieve a grade A in GCSE Mathematics.
Since then, I went on to study A-level Mathematics (80%+ in all modules), self-teach AS level further Mathematics (A grade achieved) and study BSc Mathematics at university where I obtained an Upper Second class. I am convinced that because I was able to experience Ikay’s style of teaching at such a crucial point in my education, it made the subsequent years of learning Mathematics easier. This is because she built my technical knowledge of Mathematics and shaped my approach to problem solving.
Ikay’s ability to create a safe and open environment where children are able to express their weaknesses and confusion allows her to identify the root of a student’s misunderstanding. I cannot speak highly enough of her innate gift to motivate and encourage her students through her relatable personality and wealth of knowledge. Her ability to listen to her students and adapt her teaching methods to fit different syllabuses and students has made her a fantastic teacher. I cannot recommend her highly enough

Nwanne, Barclays Capital.

The Total Child is extremely passionate about education, not just academically but more importantly, teaching students how to incorporate learning into their everyday lives.
My tutor, Ikay, always emphasised the importance of excellent English and Maths skills- both in and out of the classroom and the tips and tricks that were taught to me are still used today!
Extending my learning in a comfortable environment helped to boost my confidence with all academic pursuits that followed, as well as helping me with my personal development.
I would recommend this service to all regardless of their abilities; the Total Child gave me the confidence I needed in order to flourish!

Tisha, Final Year student, Mechanical Engineering, Loughborough University.

In our desperation to prepare our daughter for the 11+ examinations, a friend recommended The Total Child Private Tuition Centre. Our daughter enrolled at the centre in April 2018 and within a month, we have seen significant improvement in her performance in Maths, English Comprehension, Verbal and Non-Verbal Aptitude. Her Creative Writing skills have also received a tremendous boost. The improvement in our daughter’s academic performance has been recognised in her school, where she received a Good Writing Award and a feature on the school’s website. In addition to the improvement in her academic performance, she has also become more confident.

The pedagogical technique of Mrs Ikay Ajoku which is all inclusive, involving the child as well the parents has improved our supervision skills as parents.

There is therefore no regret in sending our child to The Total Child. We therefore recommend that you do same if you want your child to embark successfully on the 11+ journey

Mr. and Mrs Barnett Quiacoo

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such a fantastic math teacher.

You will never know how much your impact, tutoring, encouragement and guidance has helped Tishe. Your exceptional teaching approach, settings high standards for our daughter and motivating her, increased her love and confident in math immensely. We are extremely pleased with her progress.

In Tishe’s own words, “Ikay is the best maths teacher l have ever had.”

Thank you once again


Ikay came highly recommended from a friend at school whose son was tutored by Ikay and  passed the 11+ entrance exam for Queen Elizabeth Boys so I was very happy when she agreed to tutor my son.
I’m pleased to say the success continued and my son is also now a pupil at Queen Elizabeth Boys. Currently my younger child is also being tutored by her and hoping to follow his brother’s footsteps.
From my experience, Ikay is an expert at her field and ensures she does her most to get the best out of your child


As an 11 year old coming up to taking her first important set of exams, I was quite scared and not particularly confident in my abilities. Having the opportunity to be tutored by Aunty Ikay helped to improve my confidence in my work in the best ways. The chance to work alongside others who were at the same stage as me was also extremely helpful. With the help from her tutoring, I was able to perform well enough in 11+ exams to get into a number of secondary schools. For the past seven years I have attended Christ’s Hospital, where I am currently sitting my A-Levels (having received several university offers) and where I was able to achieve 7A*s and 3As at GCSE level. Although there are many factors which counted towards my performance throughout my time at school, I believe that having a good a start because of tutoring was one of the most important and unforgettable.

Jared, Year 13, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham

Being tutored by Aunty Ikay was an invaluable experience. I learnt things that had put me ahead throughout my secondary school. I sat my GCSEs last year and I achieved 7 A*s and 3 As. I believe that the two years I spent with Aunty Ikay helped lay the foundations for the way I think now. Being challenged in sessions with Auntie Ikay to answer questions out of my comfort zone and put forward my own ideas continues to help me 6 years later.

Tomisin, Queenswood School, Hartfield

I attended Aunty Ikay’s tutoring program from year 4 to year 6 and it instilled a work ethic in me that I still have now, doing my GCSE exams. The sessions prepared me so thoroughly for all of my 11+ exams and I was accepted into every school that I applied for. I am so grateful to have worked with Aunty Ikay as she aided me in my transition from primary school to my dream secondary school

Tiwa, Queenswood School

Ikay is very committed to her work. She is excellent with the children – she takes into consideration the child’s character and tailors her approach to suit each individual child. She is very approachable, patient, understanding and capable.

She is very dedicated to the children – going above and beyond to ensure they have a positive and rewarding experience with her.

She was recommended to me by my sister who had both her children currently at St Michael’s Catholic Girls School, Finchley and The Latymer School, Edmonton tutored by her.

My three children, who were her tutees, are currently at The Henrietta Barnet School and Bancrofts school.

I have been very impressed by her services and have also recommended her to friends and colleagues – based on my very positive experience.


Ikay is, without question, the best tutor my kids have ever had. As a teacher, she understands the subject matter and 11+ curriculum requirements. As a mother, she understands the psychology of how children learn. Her excellent teaching skills gained my sons admission into Queen Elizabeth Boys, Barnet.
I would recommend her to anyone who has a dream to go to one of the top secondary schools in UK. She takes extra time and effort to make sure her students understand the topics. She teaches the material in a way that is very easy to grasp. She also goes above and beyond what is required and offers additional practice problems to her students when they want it. Finally, she is very understanding and can adapt to a schedule that suits the parent and child.
Even I as a parent was fired up in helping my son more as she involves parents every step of the way. To top it all she prays for their success

Oge Dieobi

Ikay is an excellent tutor. She is a dedicated professional with extra ordinary touch to tutoring and very passionate about the success of her pupils.
She was a great help and support to my daughter in reaching her goals for SAT’s, 11+ and Independent Common Entrance exam. She is a tutor with sincere heart for a child to do well.
Ikay also administered my daughter’s Mathematics understanding with great ease. She specialises in challenging children to perform beyond their perceived ability. She made her enjoy the harder questions to the point where she is easily comfortable with any question. Any student would be very lucky to have the benefits of Ikay’s vast knowledge and expertise.
I am very grateful for the level of coaching she gave my daughter as a result my daughter passed her 11+ gaining offer entry to Chelmsford county High School as well as two independent unconditional entry offer Brentwood School, Essex and Cobham Hall Independent school on a full academic scholarship

Gloria Nze

At The Total Child I received not only support with how to prepare for the test of 11+, I got skills that have created the basis of my revision throughout my school career. The help I received during my attendance made me understand that I was going to have to work to get myself to the top as well as emotionally helping me as a child who didn’t fully understand the importance of working hard and trying to become a perfectionist in the work I do. The mentoring not only made me a better contender for the exams helping me pass my entrance exam to The Latymer School, Edmonton and graduating with straight A’s. I am currently studying for my A-Levels at The Harrow Boys where I am excelling both in my academics and as a professional Rugby player

Samuel, Year 12 Harrow Boys

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